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Rain, Sand, Stars screenshots. After all these months, it’s finally available in the App Store! Enjoy the launch trailer and Get it now! 

Rain, Sand, Stars is on its way to the App Store. Let’s hope for the best!

Rain, Sand, Stars: Last minute improvements and fixes in the stage selection scene.

Rain, Sand, Stars: Tsuyu has found A Place to Call Home.

Rain, Sand, Stars: It’s getting quite crowed in here. Time to balance gameplay (and fix some GUI textures)!

Rain,Sand,Stars. One of those bugs… Tsuyu scared to death because of a Drier Yak’s shout. 

Everyone is happy because pausing the game is working with our 3D GUI. Hurray!

Rain, Sand, Stars. Things look way better with a bunch of hand-painted textures!

Rain, Sand, Stars. Zadkiel being chased by a Yak. An early scarf is already visible, and they run properly around the planetoid. Nothing fancy, yet.